July 30, 2018

The Intern Diet: Breakfast Tacos and Nespresso Pods

I chose the strategic communications field because it means being an advocate for others and helping them succeed in their business endeavors. To me, this is meaningful and worthwhile, and after just one day of interning at L&P Marketing, I knew I was at an agency that shared the same values.

Immediately, I recognized L&P as the type of company that puts its clients first. The proof was in the excitement and pride the employees at L&P expressed when a client increased sales or generated heavier media traffic. Not only were they happy for the clients, but they were excited to share the results and teach me how they got there through the efforts of the L&P team.

To say I learned a thing or two from my experience as an intern would be an understatement. The girls put me to work and made me feel like I, a lowly intern, had something valuable to contribute to the company. I really appreciated the team’s inclusion, because it gave the other interns and I an accurate taste of what it is like to work in the strategic communications world.

Every day brought something new to the table. One day I would be observing meetings with partners or writing blogs for Santa Rita Ranch, and the next I would be designing logos for a pro bono client or learning the ins and outs of digital analytics.  

My favorite of L&P’s qualities is the constant conversation in the office. Not an hour goes by that you do not hear some variation of “hey, what do you think about this?” The office seems to work as a unit. Everyone has their own projects; however, they work best when they collaborate with their co-workers. It is a place where job limits and titles do not exist. Literally. Just ask Carly, L&P’s self-proclaimed “Fire Chief.”

As I brace myself for the real world after one last year at Texas Christian University, I will use my experience at L&P as my survival guide. I will collaborate with co-workers, embrace criticism, put myself in the client’s shoes and continue to grow as an effective and creative communicator. I am so thankful to the team for taking the time to teach me the ways of L&P and being such a great resource as I continue my strategic communications education.

Also, they fed me breakfast tacos every Friday and that was pretty cool.

— Lindy