August 15, 2018

The Intern Diet: La Croix and Chickpeas

If I could use one word to describe L&P Marketing, it would be bold. From their strategies and ideas to their everyday conversations, the individuals in this office push the envelope to create something completely unique. These women and this place are truly the definitions of BOLD.


Most intern experiences you read or hear about are plagued with tedious errands and repetitive tasks, but I am happy to report my time at L&P was different.


My days were filled with researching competitors for our newest client, writing monthly e-mails for The Grove, reviewing analytical reports from HubSpot, and sitting in on various client meetings. I had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of digital marketing, the process of developing a brand, and the importance of client relationships. These experiences and lessons made clear to me the main focus of L&P- their clients. Through their specific attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond, it is clear every decision is made with the client’s best interest in mind.


Most importantly, L&P pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. Every woman in the office encouraged and challenged me to use my voice and stand up for myself. They helped me to realize that my thoughts, opinions, and ideas are worthwhile by giving me a safe space to creatively think. Whether it was brainstorming themes for a new community event or sharing my side of the great “A for effort” or “E for effort” debate, I was made to feel like a valuable part of their community.


The environment at L&P fosters risk-takers, problem-solvers, and La Croix drinkers. When you walk in the door you can see it is a place full of originality, innovation, and creativity. I will always be thankful to the women at L&P for making me not only a better marketer but a better individual.