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Lewis and Partners

Lewis and Partners is a boutique digital marketing media agency and branding firm, crafting bespoke identities and experiences for real estate clients and their audiences. (After breakfast tacos. And coffee.)

We work throughout the sunbelt and beyond, finding fresh ways to celebrate the authenticity of every brand. You could say we offer marketing consulting services. Or that we’re placemaking people. Both are correct. We don’t come to the table with preconceived ideas about how things should be done. What we do bring is curiosity, positivity, data, and market knowledge—plus a good sense of humor and a lot of determination. And we just keep learning. It’s in our DNA.


It started
on the flip side

Our founder Renee Lewis (we call her El Jefe) started out on the client side, as the internal marketing director for a fast-growing land developer with the highest of standards. She recognized the opportunity to offer marketing consulting services specifically for the real estate industry and decided to launch her instincts and experience in Houston. L&P was born. That was almost 18 years ago. Since then, Lewis and Partners has assembled a team of people steeped in real estate knowledge and adept at coming up with solutions for all kinds of needs—from logos to critical paths, media plans to nomenclature systems, websites to drip campaigns, grand openings to commissioning jewelry for a 2-ton cow. We’re not kidding.



The P in L&P is for people. All kinds of people. We are bikers and hikers. Golfers and pickle ballers. Gardeners and beekeepers. Foodies and drinkers—as in tequila. Sports fans and tech nerds. Travelers and bookworms. Needlepointers and volleyballers. Vegetarians and not. An assorted collection of individuals with creative souls who come together with respect for different perspectives, experiences, inspiration, and ideas.

There is only one thing we simply
can’t agree on. Is it A for “effort"?
Or E for “effort”?

Meet & Greet

Every day, we get to turn the intangible into places in which people want to live, work and be. We embrace the excitement of bringing visions to life through strategy, storytelling, photography, videography, website development, graphic design and social media... and so much more.
Our people are just as interesting and varied as the places we market. Take a scroll to get a glimpse of who we are and what makes us tick.

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