Magnolia, Texas

A New Nest In a growing habiTat

All roads lead to Magnolia, that was the message at the root of our objective for Audubon, a nature-focused, refreshingly new kind of community. Nestled in a place filled with promise, we set out to tell the story of an area on the rise. And in doing so, we built anticipation, influencing homebuyers to be among the first to flock to the Greater Houston Area’s next hometown destination.

audubon deaktop mockup


True to Audubon’s love of nature, our plan for their website utilized the spirit of adventure as a vehicle for communication. Layered visuals and a scrapbooking approach worked together to create a “found” effect, showing how all the pieces for Audubon would come together to offer something truly special: an outdoor lifestyle complemented by various inspirations including art, walkability, and harmony.


Of course, to engage buyers, we needed to help them envision life in Audubon – and our model home video was the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. Showcasing a range of styles and popular wish list items, we helped each of Audubon’s builders make a remarkable first impression on prospective audiences. And generated countless leads in the process.


In 2022, it was finally time for Audubon’s much-awaited grand opening celebration. Naturally, there was a lot to be excited about. But one of our biggest draws was having two distinct model home parks to visit. In other words, a perfect pairing.

With that, we leaned into the idea that touring Audubon would be twice as nice, carrying the pairings thematic all the way through the experience, including offering iconic food pairings in each model home. Utilizing the visual power of a 2 to catch attention and facilitate easy recall, our quick-read campaign.

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When a community is brand-new, selling the long-term vision can be a challenge. That’s why we took extra effort to detail how amazing Audubon would be at its completions. With 700+ acres of outdoor enjoyment on the horizon, it was a benefit that we ensured future residents could get excited about in the present, even if it didn’t exist yet.

Audubon Community's handout creative


Zoned to highly acclaimed Magnolia ISD schools, we recognized that families would be a major contributor to our residential mix. So, we designed collateral especially for the kiddos. Packed with activities and trivia about some of their new neighbors in nature, it was a fun way to get them just as excited about their family’s big move.
Audubon OOH Billboard


Our latest updates to Audubon’s out-of-home presence demonstrate how we’re still finding strategic ways to set the community apart from others. Like leveraging the brand’s secondary colors to contrast against the environment. And making some noise with an eye-catching extension. Since its inception, Audubon has positioned itself as a standout community – and with big thinking, collaboration, and enthusiasm, our team’s excitement is only growing as the brand’s personality and vision takes shape.

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