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San Marcos, Texas

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Kissing Tree is the stuff of legends: Distinctly Texan. Big on charm. And even bigger on 55+ living done your way. So, when we were given the opportunity to continue the story of their established brand, we stitched together a seamless transition without missing a beat.

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The brand for Kissing Tree was built. But the community itself was not. With nothing to show, how do you create a TV campaign for a 55+ master planned community unlike anything Texans had ever seen? We partnered with Beef and Pie Productions, and the final executions were as simple as they were impactful.

In this spot, we speak of the care, the craft, and the promise of what was being built at Kissing Tree while we show a traditional Texas boot being handmade, capturing what it takes to make something 100% unique. And 100% Texan. It’s not just any boot; and it’s not just any active adult community. It’s custom-designed. And as the boot kicks a motorcycle into gear on a Hill Country road, it sets the stage for all that’s to come.

As good stories go, ours had a solid setting to work with. We carved out a voice that was both ownable and differentiated among the active adult segment, leaning into spirited storytelling that would give an authentic idea of life at Kissing Tree. The accompanying design style was just as recognizable, so we leveraged the existing brand equity while bolstering key elements to create a cohesive visual story.

Kissing Tree Welcome Center

Kissing Tree isn’t your traditional 55+ community — and we wanted to tap into that very insight across all channels. Every time we spoke as the brand, we spoke in their voice: hospitable and fun, with a little edge. The goal was for our audience to instantly understand the vibe of the community, a place where you’re free to be your true, unapologetic self.

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Welcome, Boomers. Kissing Tree speaks to a lifestyle like no other for those ages 55 and better. Active adults who know they still have adventures to take, life to experience and miles to go. This is a place that matches their energy. Offering Hill Country happiness with no-nonsense sensibility, we helped Kissing Tree promote the idea of “a little somethin’ for everyone” in a fresh, new way.

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At Kissing Tree, your next chapter will be the most enjoyable one yet. And we echoed that sentiment through strategy, messaging and design, keeping the focus on the fun in everything we built out. Active adult living? More like living it up! From creatives to gourmands to sporty types, our approach was to dial up all the things people love most so that all walks could picture themselves here. Equal parts blank canvas and party destination, we made sure our target knew that this was the place to be.

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These days, Kissing Tree ends up on more and more active adults’ wish lists. There’s just something about being part of the action, isn’t there? And as we continue to weave its story and its come-as-you-are appeal into deliverables, we’re excited to be part of the brand that shook things up in the 55+ category. The results have been nothing short of, well, legendary (if we do say so ourselves).

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