Bringing the Past into the Present

Creating Familiarity in a Fresh Place

It began in the 1800s with railroad towns, a few of Texas’ founding fathers, and a promising schoolhouse. The original Mantua was the first small town of its kind in what’s now present-day Van Alstyne and Anna. Nearly two centuries later, we were tasked with creating a new – yet nostalgic – kind of place in its honor. And just like its namesake, today’s Mantua is growing fast and well on its way to welcoming generations to come.

On the fast track to success

As any friendly neighbors would do, we introduced ourselves to the north Texas community right away. Prominently placed billboards with standout color palettes and eye-catching extensions helped us catch the attention of over a million commuters and travelers passing through via U.S. Highway 75. With a visual strategy that teased out the arrival of amenities and evoked an instant sense of community, we had officially made our splash into the market.

A Site to see

Of course, first impressions are only the beginning. That’s why we rolled out a continuation of the Mantua story, building out its story with a captivating website. Page by page, our audience could connect to Mantua’s lifestyle. From its emphasis on an excellent education to its hometown-y feel, users could virtually explore their way through this family-friendly community filled with all kinds of splish-splashing, rock climbing, community gardening, pool lounging, tree farming fun.

Get a feel for the Community

With our digital strategy ramping up, it was time to scale out a seamless customer journey with tangible collateral. After all, there’s just something special about watching a community unfold in your very hands. And through unique folds and a natural progression of imagery and typography, this brochure felt exactly like that. Each spread told a bit more of the story. Each picture brought a little more to life. And by the end of it all, readers were excited to take the next step into the Mantua story.

Mantua brochure
Mantua one sheet facts

Let's Get Personal

Around here, we believe that the right email at the right time in a buyer’s journey has the power to inspire action. So, through a series of drip campaign emails, we tapped right into the things that matter most for Mantua’s prospective homebuyers. Covering off on top drivers like schools, location, amenity progress and more, we continued to pique interest through the voice and spirit of our true Texas Identity
Mantua emails

All y'all are welcome

Since laying the first tracks of a reimagines Mantua, our earliest families have set down roots and immersed themselves in the fabric of our tight-knit community. And that’s how we’re bringing the vision of modern living with charming, small town character to life, every day.

Mantua community images

Reach out & let’s get going