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Sandbrock Ranch

The Community with a Twist


We don’t mean cookies. We’re talking Belted Galloways. Belties. Or, as we lovingly call them, Oreo® cows. Whatever you know them as, seven call Sandbrock Ranch home. While it may not seem unusual to picture cows on a ranch, this herd is anything but expected. Adorned with a distinctive wide white stripe set against their rich, black fur, they resemble milk’s favorite cookie: Oreo®. And they’ve sandwiched their way right into our hearts – not to mention the hearts of all who visit Sandbrock Ranch.

sanbrock oreo cow watercolor


Buying a home is certainly exciting ... but after visiting several communities, it can start to feel like a blur. We wanted to ensure Sandbrock Ranch would stay top of mind, whether it was a homebuyer’s first stop, last, or somewhere in the middle. So, we set out to create a strategic association so engaging it’d bring a smile (and a lasting memory!) to visitors of all ages.

Enter Bandit, Cookies & Cream, Domino, Double Stuffed, Ginger, Mudpie, and Tux.

sandbrock oreo cows

Our Oreos® created instant recognition for the community in a way that could permeate any marketing channel, from experiential activations to social media. At the same time, the Oreos® helped residents feel connected to the land and nature, forever making our sweet bovine buddies synonymous with Sandbrock Ranch.


sandbrock social post


The most memorable communities tell a captivating story. Ours just happens to moo. An unbreakable bond formed from the moment we gave the community an open invitation to get involved in naming the Oreos®. The herd came to be known as the community pets – always there to brighten residents’ days.

Sandbrock survey

Next, the Oreos® made cameos here and there in prospect emails. The response exceeded even our expectations! People didn’t just like the cows – they began to specifically look for them in our marketing materials.


sandbrock email mockup

Months later, Double Stuff and company were headlining our Model Home Grand Opening Event: We 🖤 Our Oreos®. We knew we had tapped into something special. So, we continued to include our community’s signature cows across all channels and mediums.


sandbrock website
sandbrock oreo cow names
sandbrock website

Cows may not have sales funnels or CTAs. But by engaging our audience with friendly characters who could sell the community with fuzzy faces and unique coats, our Oreos® have become something bigger and better for Sandbrock Ranch.

Sandbrock oreo cows

They’re simultaneously part of the Sandbrock Ranch family – one that’s 1,000+ homes strong and counting – and mascots, all at once.

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