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Austin, Texas

get to know the grove in austin

Minutes from the hustle of downtown Austin. The Grove in Austin is a mixed use development concept that’s carving out something a little different: a spot to gather. Developed by Milestone Community Builders. The Grove in Austin represents the company’s expansion into more sophisticated projects designed to attract urban Austinites, as well as relocators. We identified Austin’s gathering place as an ownable position, which became our North Star for the messaging as a whole, with convenience and connection at the forefront.

the grove in austin


To get started, we knew we needed a compelling brand identity. The Grove came to us with a name and a logo. The L&P team filled in the blanks, starting with a clean color palette, to create a striking and comprehensive visual identity that would resonate with the location and upscale project.

the grove in austin logos
the grove in austin branding
the grove in austin brochure


The Grove in Austin asked L&P to leverage an existing space in the neighborhood and expressed a desire for something completely different. We responded, “Say no more.” A bar, intentional outdoor spaces, sleek technology features, and some additional bells and whistles later, we gave buyers a true taste of the gathering place that The Grove would one day become. It is an experiential that instantly put The Grove on the map as a major player in a competitive market.

the grove in austin
the grove in austin wall

all decked out

True to The Grove’s position as Austin’s gathering place and in keeping with the city’s love of all thing outdoors, The Grove Store Austin has generous alfresco seating. This capitalizes on the impact of our highly visible location, activating it to attract attention from those passing by. It also gave prospects a conversational spot full of ambiance. Barn and shed roof elements, along with artful signage, help The Grove Store stand out in a sea of same among the conventional sales spaces.

the grove in austin gathering place
the grove in austin store

a purposeful plan

Each area of the sales center was thoughtfully planned. Our open concept layout is an inviting space that defies traditional sales center approaches. Bar-high seating and an easygoing flow create an atmosphere that feels less like a sales experience, and more like an organic discovery. A secluded meeting room provides flexibility for sales and presentation needs.

Time to get interactive

Leaning into the storytelling power of technology, we enhanced the space digitally. The Grove Store feels decidedly sleek and connected. Lively, interactive displays encourage engagement, built excitement, and ultimately sell the vision for the mixed-use development including residential products (townhomes, condo and single-family homes), retail opportunities, office plans, and green space.

A ground breaking reception
before the ground breaking

Let’s just say The Grove Store is so captivating, there were no reservations about securing early reservations for The Grove. L&P conceived and planned The Grove in Austin 100 pre-sales events and before the model homes ever even opened their doors. The Grove gathered up some incredible numbers: 100+ reservations, which translated into 41 sales within 30 days of the pre-sales events.

the grove in austin

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