February 3, 2022

What is a Full Service Marketing Agency?

If there’s one thing that no business has enough of, it’s time. There isn’t enough time in the day for all the tasks you want to accomplish, all the leads you want to follow, all the initiatives you want to launch. Every minute spent answering emails or making phone calls is a minute stolen from some other aspect of your business. Time, as they say, is money. In this article, we will discuss what is a full service marketing agency, and how it can help your company save time.

Fortunately, time is one of the many things that you can save when you partner with a full service marketing agency. What is a full service marketing agency? How does it differ from any other marketing partner? How can it help your business save time, money, and more, all while building your brand and growing your customer base? Those are just the questions we’re here to answer!

How do you define a full service marketing agency?

The full service agency definition typically reads something like this: a marketing agency capable of handling all of the marketing and advertising needs for a business, including strategic planning, branding, web development, digital production, social media, public relations, reporting, and analytics.

By comparison, a specialized marketing agency typically offers only one specific service or potentially a few services that are traditionally related. An SEO (search engine optimization) company, also known as a paid search company or content marketing company, is one example. Agencies like these boast a particular set of skills, but they don’t typically offer much outside their core competencies. This means businesses have to partner with multiple agencies in order to cover the many avenues of modern marketing.

What are the benefits of working with a full service marketing agency?

As you might imagine, the benefits offered by a full service marketing agency are many and varied as the different talents and approaches they can bring to bear. Let’s examine some of the biggest ones:

All the experts are under one roof

More than anything, a full-service marketing agency brings a wide range of marketing services, resources, and expertise to the table. After all, the different marketing channels don’t actually work in isolation, especially when you’re trying to execute a marketing strategy across your entire business. All of them work together to build your brand, drive new customers, and otherwise do all the things that marketing is meant to do. It just makes sense to have all of the experts under one roof, working with account managers who bring it all together to help execute winning strategies for your business.

Saves you time

As we mentioned, time is money, and a full-service marketing agency can save you both. Because all the experts are under one roof, you don’t have to shop around for a half-dozen specialized marketing agencies to meet all your various marketing needs. And because one agency will handle everything from print ads to social media, there’s no need to explain your business goals or brand identity over and over again. No more spending hours in meetings every month to get reports on all the different marketing activities. Everything happens in one place, and so everything is coordinated together, saving you time and money while also ensuring the most cohesive messaging.

Believe it or not, that’s not all. Because a full-service marketing agency can handle every aspect of your marketing needs, its team stays up to date on changes in all areas of marketing expertise. Digital marketing is always changing and evolving, and it takes a lot of time to stay on top of these changes. What worked last year may not work next year, and keeping on top of that isn’t something the average business owner has time to pursue—but it’s exactly what marketing specialists are for!

Consistent brand identity

If you want an idea of what a full-service marketing agency can do for you, get six of your friends together and describe the same thing to each of them. Then have them all draw what you described. Odds are, you’ll get six very different pictures. That’s what it’s like trying to explain your brand to half-a-dozen specialty marketing agencies. At a full-service agency, you work with the team to identify and define your company’s brand and needs, and then they work together to make it happen. No more playing telephone. Everyone is on the same page, from the graphic design team to the content writers, making your brand’s voice, tone, perspective, and personality a lot more consistent—and effective!

Fresh perspectives and innovative ideas 

A marketing agency that only works with one kind of marketing may become somewhat stuck in its ways, recycling marketing strategies over and over again for different clients. Because a full-service agency employs a wide range of different specialists, however, team members are always learning from one another, picking up ideas from social media and applying them to print, pulling concepts from infographics and bringing them to brochures. This cross-pollination allows the team to not only build custom strategies for each client but to brainstorm entirely new ideas that might never have occurred in a siloed environment. As they say, one size does not fit all.

One point of contact

We’ve mentioned this a few times now, but one of the biggest benefits of working with a full-service marketing agency is that you’ve got one point of contact. This not only cuts down on the potential for confusion and saves you time, it also simplifies your processes and reduces your stress, freeing you up to focus on the things that matter to your business. This has never been more important than in the current era of digital marketing when change happens at the speed of the web.


Because the resources of a full-service marketing agency are all focused in one place, you have the ability to expand your marketing efforts in any way that you choose. If you’ve been investing in content marketing and social media, but you want to get into video production, you don’t have to find a new specialized agency to take on those new tasks. Your full-service marketing agency will be ready and able to help you grow your marketing campaign into whatever new territories are needed.

A strategic partner you can rely on

The consistency of a full-service marketing agency isn’t just good for the cohesion of your marketing campaign and brand identity; it also means that the agency is a partner that you can rely on as your business grows and changes, one that has your success foremost in mind. A full-service marketing agency can do more than just implement your marketing ideas. It can help you build new ones as you work together to define, develop, execute, and refine a strategy that is tailored to the goals of your business. And because your agency can handle every aspect of your marketing strategy, your team has a unique understanding of your business that no single marketing channel could match.

What is a full service marketing agency? It’s the partner you need to help make your business dreams come true. That’s our goal here at L&P, a full-service marketing agency specializing in branding, content, design, media, marketing, and so much more. Get in touch with L&P today, let us know what you’re hoping to accomplish, and together we can make it a reality.